I-279 Parkway North Improvement Project

Project Start Date:          Spring 2017

Project Completion:       Summer 2019

Project Website

Information on the project can be found here

Project Description

Work will begin in the southbound direction in 2017.  The project includes concrete patching and overlay, preservation of 30 bridges and 49 overhead sign structures, repairs to 29 walls, ramp repairs, lighting improvements, HOV repairs, sign updates, guide rail and drainage improvements, and an anti-icing system installation on McKnight Road.  2018 work will occur in the northbound direction and includes a reconfiguration of the ramp from northbound I-579 to northbound I-279, lengthening of the northbound Perrysville and Madison on-ramps, and paving on Route 28 between Anderson Street and Chestnut Street.  To allow 2017 work to occur, one lane of the southbound traffic will be crossed over into the northbound lanes at the Camp Horne (Exit 8) interchange.  Both southbound lanes will be shifted into the HOV lanes at the Perrysville Avenue (Exit 5) interchange before re-entering mainline I-279 south of McKnight Road.  Work south of Venture Street will be conducted with overnight and weekend lane closures.  The project will continue through the end of June 2019.

Traffic Advisories

To help keep motorists informed as work progresses, PennDOT has created an email distribution list for I-279 Parkway North traffic advisories and construction updates. Enroll by sending email addresses to stcowan@pa.gov. Please write “Subscribe – Parkway North” in the subject line.