Project Start Date: 2019

Project Completion Date: November 2021


The long-term closure of the northbound I-579 ramp to Seventh Avenue will continue through the duration of the project and approximately three weeks of closures remain on the Bedford Avenue and Seventh Avenue ramps to southbound I-579 in 2021 on the SEA’s I-579 “Cap” Urban Connector project.  The project consists of the construction of a structure spanning I-579 to create a link between downtown Pittsburgh and the Hill District.  The “Cap” will include pedestrian pathways, recreation areas, and an amphitheater and stage.  Additional construction activities include retrofitting existing retaining walls and traffic signals, highway lighting, ITS and landscaping.  This season’s work includes underdeck lighting installation and the building of the park.  Motorists will also see overnight land and shoulder restrictions throughout the remainder of the project which is anticipated to continue through November 2021.