Port Authority’s 4-Troy Hill Bus Route to be Detoured, Stops Temporarily Discontinued

The Department of Public Works announced today that Mt. Troy Road between Fornof Lane and Lonsdale Street in Reserve Township will close at 9 a.m. on Monday, December 28, 2020. Also, the northbound lane on part of the 3200 block of Mt. Troy Road will close. Those closures are required for construction of two support walls, excavation, clearing and grubbing, milling and paving, as well as installation of a rock embankment, erosion and sedimentation control, and guide rail. The restrictions are expected to end in March 2021.

To accommodate for the closures, the Port Authority of Allegheny County announced that its 4‑Troy Hill bus route will be detoured using Spring Garden Road, Wicklines Lane, and Rialto Street. Additionally, 37 stops on the route will be temporarily discontinued. Those stops include the following:

Mt. Troy Road opposite Geyer Road 2709
Mt. Troy Road #3735 2710
Mt. Troy Road opposite Hoffman Rd 2711
Mt. Troy Road at Klementina Drive 2712
Mt. Troy Road at #3467 2713
Mt. Troy Road at Gardenview Drive 2715
Mt. Troy Road at Baun Road 16347
Mt. Troy Road opposite Kinkura Dr 2718
Mt. Troy Road opposite Fornof Lane 2719
Mt. Troy Road opposite #2840 2720
Mt. Troy Road opposite #2722 2722
Mt. Troy Road at #2637 2723
Mt. Troy Road at Cronemeyer Ave FS 2724
Mt. Troy Road opposite Alfred Street 2725
Mt. Troy Road opposite Homestead Ave 2726
Mt. Troy Road opposite Highland Ave 2727
Mt. Troy Road at Beckert Street 2728
Mt. Troy Road at Pittview Avenue 2729
Pittview Avenue opposite Teutonia Street 2730
Pittview Avenue at Teutonia Street 2765
Pittview Avenue at Mt. Troy Road 2766
Mt. Troy Road at Beckert Street 2767
Mt. Troy Road at Highland Avenue 2768
Mt. Troy Road at Homestead Avenue 2769
Mt. Troy Road at Alfred Street 2770
Mt. Troy Road at Lonsdale Street 2771
Mt. Troy Road #2652 2772
Mt. Troy Road #2722 2773
Mt. Troy Road #2768 2774
Mt. Troy Road #2840 2776
Mt. Troy Road at Fornof Lane 19854
Mt. Troy Road at Kinkura Drive 2777
Mt. Troy Road opposite Ridgelawn Cementary 2778
Mt. Troy Road opposite Klementina Drive 2783
Mt. Troy Road at Hoffman Road 2784
Mt. Troy Road at #3802 2785
Mt. Troy Road at Geyer Road 2786

Riders with questions about the route changes are encouraged to contact Port Authority customer service at 412-442-2000, on Twitter @PghTransitCare, or on live chat at www.portauthority.org.

To accommodate for the bus detour, vehicles will not be allowed to park on Wicklines Lane within 50 feet of its intersection with Spring Garden Road and within 30 feet of its intersection with Rialto Street. Nearby residents have been notified about the restriction.

Also, during the project, regular vehicle traffic will be detoured around the fully closed section of Mt. Troy Road using Spring Garden Road, Chestnut Street, Phineas Street, Troy Hill Road, Lowrie Street, Ley Street, Rialto Street, and Pittview Avenue. Traffic at the single-lane closure site will be controlled using temporary traffic signals. Residents near the closures will have access to their homes at all times.

The southbound lane on part of Mt. Troy Road between Fornof Lane and Lonsdale Street has been closed at a landslide site since June 21, 2019. Traffic is currently being controlled using temporary traffic signals.

A recent inspection of the site indicated that the stability of the roadway had further deteriorated and immediate remediation was needed. The $689,388 project was then bid as an emergency. It is being done by Carmen Paliotta Contracting, Inc., of South Park.

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