It’s official!  The 2018 PennDOT TMA Annual Summit will be held in Pittsburgh June 5th – June 6th.  Please register below or on our registration page no later than May 7, 2018.  Any questions regarding the summit (directions, accommodations, agenda, etc.) can be directed to any of the Pittsburgh TMAs.

As a reminder, each TMA is eligible to bring three guests and they can be staffers or board members and or a county colleague who sponsors a TMA within their service area. Other partners and transit agencies include: FHWA, EPA, FTA, DVRPC, SPC, and DEP, PennDOT Engineering District’s 6 and 11 and PennDOT Central Office Staff.

Contact information for each organization is below for your reference.


Lynn Manion:


Mavis Rainey:


Lucinda Beattie: