The only fixed trips where IBEX Global employees do not have to call dispatch and simply wait at the designated stop in front of the building will be during the evening.  Shuttle service will operate as follows:

  • Board RideACTA shuttle behind the IKEA bus stop.  Let the driver know where it is you want to go.
  • Let the driver know what time you would like to be picked up at the end of the day or call dispatch at 412.442.4773 to schedule.
  • Call dispatch in advance.
  • Be waiting at the designated stop five minutes prior to scheduled time.
  • Drivers do not wait.
  • Due to changes in passenger pick-ups and traffic, drivers may be late but will not be early.
  • Pay enter – IBEX Global employees ride free when displaying employee ID.

Monday – Friday only

Evening Fixed Trips – Be at the stop in front of the IBEX Global building 5 minutes ahead of the times below:

  • 4:40 PM
  • 5:40 PM
  • 6:10 PM
  • 7:10 PM
  • 8:10 PM
  • 9:10 PM
  • 9:40 PM
  • 10:10 PM


  • Call dispatch or schedule a return trip with the driver.


Pick up from IKEA:

Important Information About Using the Shuttle

  • Port Authority Route 28X serves the IKEA stop every 30 minutes.  Routes 24 and 29 also stop near IKEA.
  • Shuttles wait in the IKEA lot directly behind the bus shelter.
  • Board the shuttle and tell the driver where you are going.
  • Dispatch at 412.442.4773