The Department of Public Works announced today that work on Mt. Nebo Road between Arndt Road and Lowries Run Road in Ohio Township has been delayed until August so that crews can first make emergency repairs to Nadine Road in Penn Hills following a landslide.

When work begins on Mt. Nebo Road, it will be conducted on weekday nights, 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., instead of during the day due to concerns about potential traffic issues related to its proximity to a PennDOT closure on Reis Run Road in Ross Township. To make the change to overnight hours, Public Works worked with Ohio Township for a waiver of its noise ordinance. Due to the significant impact on homeowners in the area caused by the overnight work, the department hand-delivered letters to the residents whose houses access Mt. Nebo Road. Access to their homes will be maintained throughout the project.

When the new project start date is finalized, Public Works will provide that information to the public via a press release, Facebook, Twitter, and Allegheny Alerts. Once work on Mt. Nebo Road begins, drivers can expect to experience short stoppages in work zones. Flaggers will be used to control traffic, and drivers are urged to use caution in the area. The project is expected to last two months.

The work will be done by Northeast Paving, a division of Eurovia Atlantic Coast, LLC, of Pittsburgh as part of the 2019 Capital Roads Reconstruction project, which is a $10.7 million contract.

2 thoughts on “Work on Mt. Nebo Road in Ohio Township Delayed, Moved to Night Hours

  1. Arndt road is all backed up in the mornings now since8/26/19. And yesterday 8/28/10 in the evenings Mt Nebo is backed up AGAIN coming from 79 at 6pm. I thought you were installing cameras to detect traffic but notice the one is missing. I hope this is just temporary because that intersection has been terrible for years.

    1. Thank you for your comment. We will pass it along to the Allegheny County Public Works department who is overseeing this project. We will let you know if they relay any additional information regarding your comment.

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