The Airport Corridor Transportation Association (ACTA) is a non-profit transportation management association (TMA) located in Robinson Township in Pittsburgh’s western suburbs.  ACTA serves the business community located along the Parkway West from the western portal of the Fort Pitt Tunnel through Beaver County.

Incorporated in 1990, ACTA is an organization of members including private sector businesses and public agencies that collaborates to optimize use of the transportation system in the Airport Corridor by supporting and implementing programs to increase travel options, foster economic growth, reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Today, it is one of three transportation management associations in the Pittsburgh region.  Members include area businesses, developers, local governments and municipalities and public entities that do business in the airport corridor.

ACTA members receive benefits from a number of services including help with transportation issues, daily traffic advisories, and quarterly membership meetings.  ACTA also assists employees and job seekers find a way to work in the Airport Corridor through a number of travel options including RideACTA, carpools, vanpools, buses, bikes, and walking.