Leading Transportation Solutions for Pittsburgh’s Airport Corridor

The Airport Corridor Transportation Association (ACTA) is a nonprofit Transportation Management Association (TMA) dedicated to addressing transportation challenges for individuals, businesses, and communities. Based in Robinson Township, part of Pittsburgh’s western suburbs, ACTA serves the business community along the Parkway West, from the western entrance of the Fort Pitt Tunnel through Beaver County. We are one of three TMAs in the Pittsburgh region.

In the late ’80s, with the expansion of Pittsburgh International Airport, business and local municipality leaders in the Airport Corridor anticipated increased traffic congestion. A partnership among the Port Authority of Allegheny County, Bayer Corporation, and Allegheny County, along with local businesses and stakeholders, recognized the value of organized transportation management, leading to ACTA’s incorporation in 1990.

Today, ACTA is a coalition of private sector businesses and public agencies working together to improve transportation efficiency in Pittsburgh’s Airport Corridor. We support and implement programs that expand travel options, foster economic development, reduce congestion, and improve air quality. Additionally, ACTA provides critical information on construction projects and serves as a vital communication link regarding traffic maintenance and safety in work zones.

Key Milestones

  • 2008: Published the results of “Moving Around Within a Suburban Commercial Area,” identifying mobility issues in congested areas and proposing practical solutions and expanded transportation options.
  • 2009: Completed the “Re-Thinking the Suburban Bus Stop” study, funded by a grant from the PA Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Public Transportation, to develop innovative, practical, and replicable suburban bus stop prototypes to improve transit ridership.
  • 2009: Launched direct shuttle service from the IKEA bus stop, now known as rideACTA.
  • 2011: Secured competitive funds and managed the project to re-time traffic signals in the Robinson-North Fayette retail area in collaboration with North Fayette and Robinson townships.
  • 2014: Partnered with IKEA and Robinson Township to design and build the Super Stop, the first multi-modal transit stop in the Pittsburgh region, funded by a competitive PennDOT grant.
  • 2016: Received a proclamation from Allegheny County Council, sponsored by council members Tom Baker, Michael Finnerty, and Samuel DeMarco III, recognizing rideACTA’s dedication to increasing travel options and fostering responsible economic growth in Pittsburgh’s Airport Corridor.
  • 2017: Earned Second Place in the inaugural TransLoc MicroTransit Accelerator Challenge for the rideACTA shuttle service, which provides “last-mile” service to Port Authority riders. The competition featured submissions from over 15 states and judged on increased ridership, social and community value, environmental impact, and improved efficiency.
  • 2019: Commissioned a PennDOT-sponsored study to develop a multi-municipal, multimodal transportation plan, aiming to broaden transportation choices for those living, working, and shopping in the Pittsburgh International Airport Corridor. The study focuses on enhancing transit, bicycle, and pedestrian options within the corridor.