The Department of Public Works announced today that the following will now close in Rankin at 9 a.m. on Monday, February 26, 2024:

·         The Braddock Avenue/Kenmawr Avenue ramp, which is located between Talbot Avenue and Line    Street;

·         Fleet Street between West Braddock Avenue and Maple Way; and

·         Maple Way between Fleet Street and Pattison Avenue.

They were originally scheduled to close on February 19. The start date was changed to provide additional time for fabrication of curb ramps needed for a pedestrian detour.

The closures, which are expected to end in December 2024, are required for replacement of the Braddock Avenue/Kenmawr Avenue ramp, including new pavement, sidewalk, curb, drainage, barrier and guide rail, traffic signals, roadway lighting, signage, and pavement markings.

The following detours will be implemented on February 26:

·         Eastbound Braddock Avenue/Kenmawr Avenue ramp vehicle traffic will be detoured using Talbot Avenue, Fourth Street, Sixth Street;

·         Westbound Braddock Avenue/Kenmawr Avenue ramp vehicle traffic will be detoured using Fourth Street and Talbot Avenue;

·         Braddock Avenue/Kenmawr Avenue ramp pedestrian traffic will be detoured using Braddock Avenue, First Street, and Talbot Avenue; and

·         Fleet Street and Maple Way vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be detoured using Line Street, Braddock Avenue, First Street and Talbot Avenue.

Later during the project, Line Street between Braddock Avenue and Maple Way as well as the Talbot Avenue ramp between Kenmawr Avenue and South Braddock Avenue will close. The exact start dates for those closures have yet to be determined. When plans are finalized, that information will be provided to the public via press releases, Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Nextdoor, and Allegheny Alerts.

Braddock Avenue/Kenmawr Avenue ramp carries an average of 8,381 vehicles daily. It has a bridge condition rating of 4 (poor condition) on a 0-9 scale based on National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) established by the Federal Highway Administration. For more information about bridge condition ratings, visit

The $9.3 million project, which is expected to end in 2025, will be done by Mosites Construction Company of Robinson.

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