ACTA has committed to provide  innovative programs and studies that enhance our mission to broaden the spectrum of travel options and support responsible economic growth in the Airport Corridor.


Our recent mobility study culminated in ACTA being awarded funding to retrofit an existing overcrowded bus stop into a multi-modal super stop.  The project included significant improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists including new crosswalks, a new signalized intersection with pedestrian count down signals, new bus shelters, additional seating, a bike workstation for needed repairs and an on-road bicycle lane.  This program brought nearly $1,000,000 in improvements to the Airport Corridor.  ACTA continues to work on bringing more transportation choices and connections to the Airport Corridor.  If you would like to be a part of those discussions please contact Lynn Manion at 412.533.4601.



RideACTA-RGBA shared-ride shuttle that takes passengers the last mile of their commute, RideACTA has been operating since 2009.  Check out our RideACTA section for more details on this valuable program.